The fast B2B CRM for startups, SMEs and small teams
Get key information to your sales teams now
Choose the AI-enhanced contact tracking and lead generation system designed to boost your collaborative selling capabilities.
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Speed to customers, speed to market
Find more prospects and generate more leads
With our rapid customization and data upload process, get up and running in 24 hours or less with the right CRM for your business.
Instant productivity to build your business
Fast information discovery to meet your customers needs
Our proprietary ConnectTrust © technology leverages all the resources available to make you a Trusted Partner to your customers.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence to grow your network
Find connections to leverage your potential
We have built in AI through our system to help you discover connections that will put the growth of your business on afterburner.
Human coaching and administration support
Motivate your team to utilize the full capability of the CRM
Working with your team, our online coaches help to maintain the highest quality for your data. CRMs are only as good as the data that the sales and marketing teams put in. We are sales people ourselves and understand the challenges.
Deep insights into all your data at your fingertips
Discover connections to find more prospects
Extensive cross-referencing all your data makes it easy for your team to find hidden potential.
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